Project Team


Financed By

Planning & Development Consultant
Spatially Planning & Development Inc.

Civil/Traffic Consultants

Construction Advisors and Budgeting
Urban One Builders

Geotechnical Consultants
GeoPacific Consultants

Architecture Peer Review Consultant
Plan X Architecture Inc.

Landscape Architect
PMG Landscape Architects

Environmental Consultant

Sustainable Building Consultant
E3 Eco Group

Development Consultant
SwissReal Group

Our Consultation Process

  • Local artisan community (Port Moody Art Association)
  • Housing non-profit society (Knight Community Society)
  • Local business owners
  • Individual community residence including “missing middle” service providers
  • Local community event organizers and volunteers
  • Local Real Estate community
  • Several other community-based organizations (fire fighters, teachers, daycare providers, etc.)

3000 Henry Local Sponsorship

Please get in contact with us if you are a local business and want to share this journey with us!

Do you have any questions or concerns about 3000 Henry? Talk to us!

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Address: 3000 Henry Street, Port Moody